3 Tips For Keeping Your Active And Curious Toddler Safe At Home

While many prospective parents think about babyproofing their homes as soon as they bring their little one home from the hospital, it’s really not until your baby becomes mobile that you need to start thinking about babyproofing your home. But even after your child has been mobile for quite some time, as they come further and further into the toddler years, you might find that they’re more and more prone to get into trouble and cause mischief that could harm them.

If you’re getting near to this stage with your small child, here are three tips for keeping your active and curious toddler safe at home. 

Keep All Furniture Properly Secured

Even if your little one isn’t particularly a climber, when your baby is learning how to walk, run, and move around more, there’s a very good chance that they’ll be using your furniture to steady themselves. Because of this, it’s vital that all of your furniture is properly secured so that it can’t fall over.

Things like TV should be put onto secured TV consoles so that they can’t be pulled down onto your child. And all bookcases or shelving units should also be anchored to the wall so that your toddler won’t tip them over onto themselves or someone else. 

Use Gates To Manage Access

There are some rooms or areas of your home that you’re not going to want your toddler playing in despite how much babyproofing you might have been able to do. Some of these rooms include things like the bathroom, stairs, or areas that have a lot of items that aren’t safe for babies to be around.

For areas such as these, the best way to keep your little one out is to use gates to manage access. Just make sure that you create the habit of closing the gate behind you when you go through. Otherwise, you’re bound to have your little one venture into this previously blocked off area. 

Always Supervise In Certain Rooms

In many homes, especially those with open floor plans, you may not be able to effectively use baby gates to keep your little one out. So when you are going to have your toddler in a room that isn’t totally safe for them, it’s important that you’re always there to supervise.

Especially in rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom, you should always be right there with your little one to ensure that they aren’t getting into any dangerous chemicals, playing with items that could hurt them, or creating a huge mess for you to clean up later. 

To help your baby stay healthy and happy, consider using the tips mentioned above to keep your little one safe at home. 

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