3 Ways to Stay in Shape With Limited Mobility 

Most people know that maintaining an active lifestyle is an essential part of being healthy. And while it may seem simple to tell the average person to simply go for a walk, or get a gym membership, someone with limited mobility isn’t going to have the same options. 

Limited mobility can be a challenge, regardless of the circumstances. Whether you’re living in an assisted living facility, or you’ve suffered an injury and you’re on bed rest, the good news is that staying in shape even with reduced mobility is possible. Here are some of the best ways to stay healthy and active even with physical limitations.

Chair Exercises

Yes, that’s right— believe it or not, you can work out from the comfort of a chair. Seated workouts are a great way to engage not only your core and your upper body, but even your legs— without putting stress on your joints. There are many different chair exercises to try out. You can start with seated leg lifts. As the name suggests, you sit and gently extend your legs alternating between each. 

 You can also try seated twists which can help strengthen your back muscles as well as abdomen, and comes with very little likelihood of an injury. Lastly, try chair dips. This is not recommended unless you have someone spotting you, as you could potentially fall out of your chair and risk not being able to get back up. Chair dips help build muscle in your shoulders and triceps, and can be just as effective as a push-up if you can manage to execute it correctly.


The wonderful thing about swimming is that it is a low-impact form of exercise that requires very little force. Swimming allows you to get your heart rate up, and build strength, without straining your body. The resistance of the water forces your muscles to work a little harder, without the extra stress of gravity. For this reason, water aerobics is an extremely popular form of exercise for seniors looking to stay active without risking injury.


Yoga is getting more and more popular in Western culture for a good reason!  Beyond being relaxing and beneficial for reducing stress, it’s also a great way to build strength and endurance without putting stress on the knees. There are many different yoga poses available, which can actually speed up the healing process for a wide variety of injuries. 

What’s more, yoga poses can be adjusted and adapted depending on your unique limitations. Whether you decide to join a class or practice in your own living room, yoga is a wonderful choice as a form of exercise with limited mobility.

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