4 Reasons to Why You Should Always Prefer the Vectus Laser

When you get your hair removed by laser, it means that you would need to plucking, shaving or waxing anymore. But you should know that not all laser treatments are created equal. After a robust due diligence, we found the laser Vectus one of the most accurate, least painful and most prefer laser treatment in the market. We have listed more reasons to why people prefer this laser treatment for permanent hair removal.

  1. Laser Vectus only need a fewer and faster sessions

When it comes to laser hair removal sessions, you will only need fewer sessions when you go for the Vectus laser treatment. The best part is that these treatments are not time consuming at all. It entails the most uniform beam profile and gets in touch with the hair follicles in every growth phase for cleaner and thorough removal. There are many clients who only need one or two sessions for permanent hair removal. These laser treatments also have the largest spot size available, so it can also cover the largest areas of your body. For instance, your back can be treated in merely 5 minutes.

  1. Laser Vectus treatments are more comfortable

Laser may seem like beams of lights to you, but know that lights emit heat as well. Vectus laser are designed in such a way that they are equipped with sapphire tips that shed heat quickly and use the focused light only at the hair roots while leaving your skin cool. This avant garde cooling system is comfortable as well as skin friendly.

  1. It works well on all hair textures

Not every hair texture is the same, but the épilation au laser vectus enables the professionals to perform the hair removal for every kind of texture. No matter if it is focused on the coarse back hair, downy facial hair or thick eyebrow hair, this light based treatment got you covered.

  1. This treatment is ideal for all skin tones

The obsolete laser removal systems had a huge con that it could easily cause skin pigmentation changes surrounding the hair follicles. In other words, people with deeper skin tones would be affected by the laser hair removal. But this is where Vectus hair removal come to the rescue. This treatment is approved by FDA and has an approved melanin reader as well, the Skintel Melanin Reader. It helps in analyzing the skin tone and changing the light spectrum to target the melanin in your hair automatically and not in skin.

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