An Introductory Guide To Cannabis Testing

The market for cannabis products in the US is expanding at a fast rate, more as states legalize the use of marijuana for recreational and medical use. At present, over 30 states in the country allow for medical cannabis, while more than 10 states have legalized recreational use, as well. Cannabis users and enthusiasts want to buy the best possible products, and for that, they don’t mind paying more. Growers and sellers must do their bit to test their strains and specific cannabis products like concentrates for things like potency, presence of residual solvents, heavy metals and so on.

For that, cannabis testing labs, such as Nordic Analytical Laboratories, can be incredibly useful. In this post, we are talking more on cannabis testing and related aspects.

Useful tests for cannabis products

Cannabis strains and products must be tested for potency at the least, which is basically about finding the cannabinoid profile, primarily the presence of CBD and THC. Many sellers also like to go for testing for heavy metals, homogeneity, contaminants and presence of pesticides. Cannabis testing also matters to sellers and growers beyond the basic need for labeling products. Many growers want to do research on strains and work on growing unique hybrids, for which testing is critical. Other things for which cannabis is tested includes checking for terpene profile, finding about moisture content, and overall shelf life of the product.

Testing hemp

Hemp is the least processed version of cannabis, and most CBD products are derived from hemp. CBD products do not produce a high as associated with cannabis, because the level of THC is minimal or zero. For hemp and CBD products to be legal, the THC content must be less than 0.3%. Sellers must ensure and mention the same on the label, and therefore, hemp testing is critical to know potency and to stay compliant to the regulations.

Finding a lab

There are only a handful of reliable labs for cannabis and hemp testing, and if you are looking for one, make sure that you select a lab that’s known, reliable and dependable. Generic tests like testing for potency typically doesn’t take more than two to three days, but make sure that you know of this, besides the costs. A good testing lab can be an assurance for sellers that their hemp and cannabis products are safe for buyers and users, and this is important for legal and compliance matters, as well. Check online for hemp testing labs now!

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