Basic Differences Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana

If you want to discuss with your doctor to get prescription for medical marijuana then quite possibly a question may come to your mind, whether the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has any difference?

As per the experts, there are few differences between the marijuana which is used for recreational purpose and Florida medical marijuana that any doctor may prescribe you.

Following are few differences:

  • CBD content in medical marijuana usually is higher than recreational

While you consume medical marijuana, you do not get the “high” feeling that you may get by consuming any recreational variety.

Though there is no much difference between concentrate and flowers used for both types, however medical edible potency will be higher as compared to recreational one.

  • THC content is typically higher in recreational marijuana than medical marijuana

In order to get “high” feeling people prefer to take the variety that contains more amount of THC which is not for getting medical benefits.

  • You will need a doctor’s recommendation for buying medical marijuana

Anyone can buy recreational marijuana for consumption however in order to buy any medical marijuana you must have qualifying condition so that doctor can prescribe you.

Also, you must get approval from doctor even for reuse of medical marijuana which is one of the key differences between these two varieties of marijuana.

  • No recommendation needed for buying recreational marijuana

If use of marijuana has been declared legal in your country/state then you may visit any recreational dispensary to buy recreational marijuana provided you are over the prescribed minimum age.

You will not be asked to produce any medical card for buying recreational variety.

  • For buying medical marijuana you must be above 18

There are restrictions for buying medical marijuana for people below 18 however under certain special circumstances permission can be obtained to get medical marijuana even for people under the age of 18.

This can however vary based on the laws of your state.

  • For buying recreational marijuana you must be above 21

In those states where buying recreational marijuana is legal, you need to prove that you are above 21.

  • You can always get medical marijuana from any regulated dispensary

This medical marijuana can be easily obtained from any of the medical pot dispensary.

  • Recreational marijuana is purchased only if it is legalized in your state

Usually, to obtain any recreational marijuana, either you can buy from a dispensary or alternatively from off the street.

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