Can I Have Dental Implants if I Smoke?

Elite Dental and Orthodontics are aware that many people believe incorrectly that they cannot have dental implant procedures unless they stop smoking.

This is not the case.

Smoking is bad for your health. It increases your chances of getting everything from heart disease to lung cancer.

“We don’t think that smoking should stop our patients from having the Elite Dental and Orthodontics dental implants procedure.” Dr Danesh says.

Risk Assessment

Dr Danesh says, ‘We are very upfront with our clients and tell them the risks associated with smoking and the negative impact it has on their health. We also let them know how this can affect their surgical outcome and their long-term dental prognosis.

Smoking causes gum disease and bone damage in the jaw. It also results in bad breath, stained teeth, and bad teeth.

We let our patients know that their smoking habits can affect the success of dental implants. But we are non-judgmental and do not try to intimidate them or preach to them.

Smoking has been proven to increase the failure rate of grafting procedures.

Smoking increases the risk of periodontal infection and bone loss, which can lead to tooth loss.

What about smokers who have already suffered significant damage to their jawbone from smoking?

In most cases, even when there is a great deal of bone loss, our Smile in a Day Protocol can be used to place dental implants. For patients with severe bone loss, Dr Danesh says that a zygomatic implant or cheekbone implant might be required to ensure the success of a dental implant.

What Smoking Can Do to Your Dental Implants

What is the impact of smoking on dental implants?

Dr Danesh says that dental implants made of titanium are a good choice because they integrate well with your bones and gums.

However, nicotine constriction reduces the flow of saliva, which in turn slows the healing process. Smoking lowers immunity and your ability to fight infections.

According to studies, integration rates for smokers are around 90%. Non-smokers have success rates of 98%. In other words, success can still be predicted; therefore, being a smoker shouldn’t stop patients from getting dental implants.

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