Effectiveness Of Electrotherapy For Neuropathy Diabetic Pain!

What is neuropathy?

The main symptoms are numbness, weakness, pin and needle sensation, and pain due to nerve damage in feet and hands. The main cause of neuropathy is diabetes, but it can also be caused by infections, injuries, and toxin exposure. The treatment for it is antidepressants, medications for pain, anti-seizure medication, and creams for pain-relieving. It can also be treated by electrotherapy. The treatment for pain and the instruments used to operate are based on quantum theory and use resonance for increasing the energy between the cells.

What is electrotherapy?

There is a range of various treatments in electrotherapy that uses electricity to reduce the pain, improve circulation, repair the tissues, strengthen the muscles, and promote the growth of bone that leads to the improvement of the body’s physical functioning. The units used for electrotherapy consist of a device that is battery-powered and connected with wires to the adhesive pads of the electrode that are placed on the person’s skin. The electrode pads are usually sticky, so they will properly adhere to the skin. Once the electrodes attach and the unit turns on, a light electric current is sent via the electrode to the skin.

The new devices of electrotherapy bypass the wires but combining the electrodes and the battery power in a single unit that is worn on the arm, back, legs, or anywhere needed during daily activities or work. Many people find electrotherapy helpful, while others do not.

When is electrotherapy advised?

Electrotherapy is used in conjunction with the other treatments. The electrotherapy will alleviate the pain for the people undergoing any physical therapy so that they can participate more actively in the exercises targeted. It a pain relief option that is gaining attention as the side effects and potential risks of narcotic medications are becoming more apparent. The healing by using electrical current goes to ancient times. The treatment first began for depression and anxiety, and the uses kept no growing eventually. Using electrotherapy for neuropathy treatment for diabetic nerve pain is effective. It also has been used for addressing chronic fatigue and pain. The other treatments are fibromyalgia, migraine headache, healing of wounds, and stimulating the growth of bone.


A therapy known as TEN is a form of electrotherapy that reduces diabetic nerve pain in people. Electrotherapy is useful for relieving the pain in the body.

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