Getting Married When Divorce Is a Risk

The question is often asked by many married couples: when and if one of them decides to remarry, will the other still have to file for a divorce? The U.S. Supreme Court has established that the Constitution protects all individuals regardless of whether they are married or not. In order for anyone to be considered “married” in the eyes of the law, the person must have had a wedding and have been legally committed to that marriage for at least two years.

Many married couples who have wed themselves in a state that recognizes their marriage as legal have discovered, however, that when they remarry in another state they are required to seek the same legal procedures as those married in their own state. This is because each state has different definitions of what it means for a marriage to be considered “same-sex marriage.” For example, in California same-sex marriages are only recognized if one partner has a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, whereas in some states, such as the state of Massachusetts, gay marriage is legal provided that the male partner agrees to the union. A married couple who travels to a state which has a more restrictive view on same-sex marriage may find that they are required to go through the same process as married couples who choose to marry in their own state.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to file for a divorce, both parties must carefully consider their individual circumstances. Although no one wants to see a married couple undergo the stress and expense of a divorce, there are many benefits to same-sex marriage. For example, it has been shown that children raised by married couples fare better at school, have less social problems, and are less likely to experience abuse. There is also a general sense that married couples tend to have higher success at work, are more loyal lovers, and achieve higher levels of success in their chosen professions. For those lovers with sexual frustration, a consultation to Proactive Men’s Medical Center may be exactly what the relationship requires.

On the other hand, while everyone deserves a second chance, it is important to note that too many times these couples do not make a fresh start. It is not uncommon for them to go through a number of remarries, each one more difficult than the last. A divorce lawyer can provide the guidance needed to navigate the system and get through the requirements for getting married, like buying a home and getting a divorce. The attorney can also advise clients on how to deal with issues like getting married when one party is not happy, whether or not to seek alimony, and what to do if the other party does not agree to give up certain assets that the couple has accumulated during the marriage.

Getting married is often accompanied by a period of depression, and the first marriage usually falls apart. If one of the partners has an uneventful and fulfilling life prior to getting married, the chances of them divorce is much lower. On the other hand, a man or woman who has never found lasting happiness with the opposite sex, may begin to feel as if their only hope for happiness is in a relationship with someone else. Even though the couple may sincerely want to work things out, they still need the advice and representation of a divorce lawyer.

The most common-law marriage in Texas is where one person has been married before they get a divorce, and the couple cohabitates for at least six months. Other examples include same-sex couples who have married in states that recognize their relationships, or even one man and one woman who have been married and divorced. For unmarried couples, it is very common for a marriage license to be issued after only one wedding. This is usually because the person applying for the marriage license is related to another existing family member or a close friend. If two people are related in this way, the paperwork is much less complicated, and they can file it online as well.

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