Iron Supplements: What You Need to Know

Iron is a mineral that your body needs to make hemoglobin and myoglobin. These molecules are the critical components of red blood cells, which allow oxygen to travel through your bloodstream. If you have too much or too little iron in your system, it can lead to anemia, fatigue, and other health problems such as dizziness and constipation.

Iron supplements Singapore is available in many forms and dosage options. Check with your doctor before taking iron, especially if you have heart disease or renal failure history.

Some reputable makers of iron supplements are:

NatureMade: NatureMade offers a variety of iron and multivitamin supplements. These products are made in the United States, and each bottle contains at least 90 days’ worth of pills.

IronMaxx: IronMaxx is based in Canada and produces an all-natural supplement that does not contain any artificial flavors or colors. The product includes vitamin C, which can help with absorption and can also ward off cancer.

Swanson: Swanson is a natural supplement company that offers iron supplements without synthetic ingredients or artificial coloring. The pills are made in an FDA-registered facility, and each bottle contains 90 capsules of 100 percent pure iron for maximum daily intake.

In conclusion, if you lack iron, it could lead to fatigue and other health problems. There are different forms of supplements available for those looking to prevent anemia or treat a deficiency.

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