Know the Different Types of Spider Veins and Their Formation

Arteries and veins helps normal flow of blood, veins will have valves that push blood towards the heart. Few people will have faulty valves that pools or leaks blood backward. By this, the vein walls will swell, degrade, and noticeable under the skin. There are commonly two kinds of veins spider or thread or telangiectasia and vascular veins.

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Formation of spider or thread veins

Thread veins appear on different body parts including lower legs and thighs, face, back, chest, arms, and abdomen. They seem to be a network of purple, blue, and red lines and resemble a spider web or starburst pattern. It may also cause due to hormonal changes, skin trauma, sun damage, venous insufficiency, and genetics.

They cause little discomfort and swelling. Few of them even develop clots or bleeding. In few cases, they affect your ability in doing regular activities. Most of the women who have vein diseases do not experience serious pain, but they may cause insecurities. These days there are many treatment options to overcome this type of vein problems.

Treatment methods for thread veins

Spider or thread veins are common that affects about half of the women by 40 years of age. It is considered as a cosmetic concern more than a health problem.

The treatment method includes:

  • Sclerotherapy– generally a salt solution will be injected directly to the exaggerated veins. By doing this, the veins will seal and fade away.
  • Foam Sclerotherapy– It is an invasive technique. In this, a foam solution will be injected in to the blood vessels to shut them. This treatment is ideal for feeder or larger thread veins.

  • Laser and IPL Treatments– It is non-invasive procedure that induces laser rays on the affected skin surface to wipe out the veins. This treatment is suitable on areas such as back, chest, or face.
  • Endovenous Laser Therapy– In this procedure, a thin fiber will be inserted directly into the veins by carrying laser energy. This closes the vein and prevents it.

If you are experiencing thread vein problems choose the best physician and schedule your appointment today for the best treatment.

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