Know These Things Before Removing Your Tattoo

Most of you who have heard about tattoo removal may think only about tattoo removal pain, however there are many other things too that many of you may not be knowing much.

Therefore, in this small writeup, we have collected few information on this subject which will be worth reading if you are interested.

  1. Consider a doctor

Often people may get their tattoo done by few untrained people and as a result, they may end up spending a lot and get number of painful treatments.

Therefore, before you get tattoo removed, you must consult a doctor.

  • It may take few months

Don’t expect that your tattoo will get removed within few days or weeks. You have to go through a number of sessions and may take anything between 5 to 9 months depending upon your color of the skin.

  • It is expensive

Remember the tattoo removal process is not so cheap as you may have to shell out few hundreds of dollars for each session when you spend your time with the doctor, but it is worth.

  • All inks can be taken off

Many people may think that all inks of the tattoo will not be removed which is not true. Even the most stubborn tattoos can also be removed if you follow the right kind of procedure.

  • Be prepared for needles

If going for tattoo removal to any professional, keep in mind that they may use needles too and it can be little painful. Also, when the laser will hit your skin, you may get a strange feeling.

  • There can be pain afterward

Remember that the pain will not be just limited during the removal process, but can also happen after words too.

  • You may need Aquaphor, bandages, and also clothes which do not rest on tattoo

It will also help to apply thin coating of any antibiotic ointment or any healing moisturizer 3 times a day, such as Aquaphor, Lubriderm, for the first 3 days while those areas will be healing.

  • You may just lighten your ink sufficient for going over it

In case, if you do not want to take all your tattoos totally off, then you can just lighten them sufficiently to get few good cover-ups properly done.

  • There can be white patches/scars

If you want to remove the ink completely, then you must know that your skin after removal may not be flawless.

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