Knowing About Spider & Varicose Veins In Detail

Varicose veins, often seen in legs, can be sometimes painful, but more commonly, affect the self-esteem of a person. Varicose veins are not same as spider veins. In case of spider veins, you may see the veins in colors like red, black or purple, spreading like spider web. Spider veins don’t have as many symptoms or pain, but people often want these veins gone for aesthetic needs. Varicose veins are thick veins that bulge and twist underneath the skin and can cause pain. In this post, we are sharing a few basic facts on vein disorders.

Knowing the symptoms

There are a few signs and symptoms of varicose veins that shouldn’t be ignored. In extreme cases, a person may have extreme pain in the legs, besides other signs like swelling and bleeding. Muscle cramping and throbbing pain in the vein are other symptoms. Talk to a medical expert if there is skin ulcer, unexpected and unbearable pain in one leg,

What are the possible causes?

While other factors are known, in many cases, varicose veins are genetic, and while men and women can both have this kind of vein disorder, women are often more prone to the condition. If both parents had a problem of varicose veins, chances are high that their children may inherit the same. Other causes include prolonged standing for hours, which may be necessary for certain jobs, such as a salesman in a retail job. With age, it has been seen that varicose veins become more prominent. Weight gain and obesity are other factors.

Is it safe to remove spider and varicose veins?

Treatments for spider and varicose veins are absolutely safe these days. Laser treatments can be considered, while in other cases, your doctor may recommend using compression socks. Since obesity has been linked to varicose veins, exercise and focusing on diet may help in keeping varicose veins at bay. Having an active lifestyle also aids in enhancing blood circulation, which may ease some symptoms.

What are common treatments?

For both spider and varicose veins, options like laser ablation and sclerotherapy can be considered. Every person’s case is unique, so talk to an expert to get the best possible advice. In case of spider veins, laser vein removal works best.

Final word

Don’t fear laser vein removal or vein disorders in general. It is absolutely possible to enhance your skin and get rid of the symptoms that are making your life hard.

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