Vaginal Bleaching: What you Might Not Know

Vaginal bleaching is a process that women who want to change their vagina’s color can choose to undergo. This process is meant to make the vagina look brighter in color and more aesthetically pleasing. The typical end goal of this procedure is to achieve a browner or pinker color instead of natural dark color.

The desire for lighter-colored genitals may trace back to the adult film industry.  In addition, this has to do with nudity being more commonplace in mainstream movies, influencing viewers’ perception of their own bodies

Women who choose to undergo vaginal bleaching in Tampa have different ideas in mind and no treatments are the same. While there are bleaching creams available in stores these days, the procedure should only be done by a certified and experienced aesthetic doctor. The doctor will recommend the most effective and safest product to use. The procedure offers an array of benefits.

How Doe Vaginal Bleaching Work

Medical clinics provide laser vaginal lightening treatment that promises to remove genital discoloration, particularly in the vulva and perineum. Discoloration of the skin in the groin and surrounding skin can take place because of some factors like rubbing or chaffing because of tight clothing, hormonal changes, and excessive sweating. These clinics may offer skin lighteners, laser, and laser peel options that all have minimal or no downtime associated. The greatest benefit of the laser technique is that vaginal bleaching can be achieved quickly and with little effort on the part of the patient. Also, the new skin developed tends to be tighter and smoother due to the stimulated collagen regeneration. Laser vaginal bleaching is a comfortable and safe treatment, often completed within twenty minutes. In general, the patient needs 3-4 treatments every 20-30 days for optimal results.

Benefits of Vaginal Bleaching

Vaginal bleaching will lighten the vagina, improving its look. This promising result can help in boosting the patient’s self-confidence. And because the products used for changing skin pigmentation may contain skin-softening substances, the vagina is kept clean and soft.

If you are thinking of getting vaginal bleaching done, ensure you contact a qualified professional. This procedure is low-risk when carried out by an expert who has been doing it for many years. The decision to pursue this procedure is entirely your own. But, you must assess why you want to make the change. This way, you will have realistic expectations from the procedure, which is necessary for your satisfaction.

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