What Are the Uses of a Dental Implant?

A dental implant, also called denture, is simply an artificial tooth root implanted into your mouth to support a bridge or replacement tooth. Unlike dentures, which are typically made of a metal or composite material, dental implants are typically constructed of titanium, which is a very effective and durable metal. dental implant singapore can be an extremely good option disease, or any other reason.

Because dental implants are a replica of the underlying bone that actually grows in your gums and jaw, they offer a great deal of comfort and security. When a person has had their teeth removed because of poor oral hygiene, the loss of that bone which provides the foundation for that tooth can be extremely painful. Without that bone to properly support a bridge, fillings, crowns, and other types of restoration, the oral health of the patient will suffer greatly. Additionally, implants allow the patient to bite into and properly manipulate food, which is very important for those with partial or missing teeth.

There are several other uses as well for dental implants, depending upon the actual reason that the teeth have been removed. In some cases, people may have lost all of their teeth so that they cannot benefit from traditional bridges and other types of restoration work. For these patients, a dental implant may provide them with a way to have a full and functional smile again. They may also find for those who have recently lost one or more teeth due to trauma, periodontal that they need a new bite to help them eat certain foods that they may have been allergic to prior to their losing most or all of their teeth. Whatever the reason for the loss of teeth, patients can rest assured that they can once again regain the ability to smile as they see their peers, thanks to the many different uses that these amazing and beneficial pieces of equipment have.

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