What Does a Personal Trainer Do for Their Client?

You might be contemplating hiring the services of a personal trainer, after a series of failed attempts to lose weight, and if you would like to learn more about what a personal trainer actually does, you have come to the right place.

  • Initial assessment – The trainer makes an initial assessment and helps you to define long term goals, while taking your current physical condition into account. A plan would be created with a deadline which gives you something to aim at, while there would be short term goals incorporated into the plan.
  • Create an exercise routine – Of course, this would be designed to be within your capabilities and there would be rest days, set by your trainer; whether in person or virtually, the personal trainer would be with you very step of the way when in the gym. If you feel the time is right for a positive change, talk to the fitness coach at Frenchs Forest and let them take charge of your physical transformation.
  • Eating the right food – Your PT would help you create a weekly diet plan that ensures you are getting all of the vitamins, minerals and protein your body needs. If there are things you must avoid, your fitness partner will tell you and he or she will expect you to make the sacrifice, which, of course, you will!
  • Motivate –The fitness pro is right there with you every step of the way and he or she is trained on how to motivate their clients to reach their limits and go beyond. This is often lacking when you work out alone and is a common reason to slide back to inactivity, which is always a comfortable place to be. Reaching that pain barrier is never easy, unless you have a personal trainer, who is encouraging you to go that extra nine yards.
  • Measuring performance – Top athletes want to know how they are doing compared to standards and your personal trainer can carry out tests that provide the data they need to assess your performance. The fitness pro has your best interests at heart and will do whatever it takes to get you across the finish line.
  • Learn about your body – Part of the personal trainer’s role is to educate the client regarding their body and this knowledge stays with you for the rest of your life. Never again will you pull a muscle because you didn’t warm up and with a better understanding of your body, you can achieve your fitness goals safely.

From start to finish, you are in the capable hands of a fitness professional and failing to achieve your goals is simply not an option.

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