What Exactly Is Live Resin? A Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts!

The cannabis plant contains over a hundred chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, besides terpenes and flavonoids. Live resin basically is extracted in a way that all the terpenes are retained, contrary to the traditional ways of drying and curing cannabis. Terpenes in live resin offers an incredible smoking and flavor experience, and most cannabis experts and enthusiasts seem to agree to that. The creator and godfather of live resin, Kind Bill, apparently said that the name comes from the fact that “finished product” smells just like “living product”.

Here’s all you must know about live resin.

The basics

In simple words, live resin can be defined as a concentrate, which gets the name from cannabis plant that hasn’t been cured/dried. In most cases, fresh flower buds are used for extracting live resin. A special kind of freezing technique is used immediately, so that all the compounds and terpenes are retained. The aromatic experience of live resin is hard to match, and since the process of extraction and minimal processing are time consuming, the costs can be higher. The concentrates are often known to be extremely flavorful, more so because the essential oils, or terpenes, found in the cannabis plant are retained, which is not true with curing.

Buying live resin

Extracts are sold in varied forms and the consistency of live resin is fluid, compared to some of the other concentrates. The concentrate will be even more fluid if the amount of essential oils is high. Sap and sugar are considered to be common consistencies, while you can also find something called sauce. The process used for making live resin is called flash freezing. Do not get confused with sauce and live resin. In case of the latter, only fresh plant parts are used, whereas sauce is made of fresh plant extracts, but these extracts can be cured buds too. If you are buying live resin, buy it from a source you can trust and ensure that the product is protected from air, light and moisture to the next possible extent. Experts usually recommend storing live resin in silicone containers, in a fridge.

Final word

Dabbing is the best way to experience live resin. You can find detailed posts online on how to use live resin effectively for the best experience. The higher amounts of terpenes make live resin worth exploring, and we promise you will want the experience again after the first time. Check online now to find more on stores that sell live resin.

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