Which is Better for Your Skin: Botox or Dysport?

This article will answer the most common question: Botox v Dysport: What are the differences?


Botox has been approved to treat the forehead lines and crow’s feet apart from the glabellar lines. On the other hand, dysport is only approved to treat the latter. The procedure is quite similar to dysport. Everything is done at the doctor’s clinic with little or no recovery time. On the basis of the areas being treated, the number of units will be decided by your doctor. Here are the suggested dosages:

  1. Glabellar lines may need 20 units and 5 injection sites
  2. Glabellar and forehead lines may need 40 units and 10 injection sites
  3. Crow’s feet may need 24 units and 6 injection sites

All three types of wrinkles combined: 64 units


Dysport fades the appearance of lines that impact the glabella or the area between your eyebrows. These lines tend to extend upwards, vertically or towards the forehead. They are really noticeable when a person frowns. As they occur naturally with age, the glabella lines become more visible even when you are relaxed. This is because your skin tends to lose collagen which are the protein fibers responsible for elasticity. As Dysport help you treat those lines, it is only ideal for those suffering from moderate or severe cases. This is not a process meant for mild cases. Your doctor will help you differentiate between mild and moderate cases. If you are eligible for the process, then it is completely implemented at doctor’s clinic. You may not need any kind of hospitalization and you can leave immediately after the process has been accomplished. Before injecting, the doctor may apply a mild anesthetic. This will help in keeping the pain away during the process. For treating the frowned lines, the doctors usually inject 0.05 milliliters at a time in around 5 portions around your eyebrows and forehead.



This may take a few minutes to accomplish. You may begin to see the effects from the injections in a couple of days. The FDA approved dosage for the treatment of glabellar lines is around 50 units divided into 5 parts injected into the targeted area.


Just like Dysport, these injections also take a few minutes for the dermatologist to administer.

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