Why You Should Add a Stairlift to Your Home

For senior users, stairs can become difficult to navigate due to limited stability and weakened strength. Therefore, stairs are avoided by elderly users who find it difficult to climb stairs. They either prefer a single-story house or move into senior homes. However, both of the options aren’t cost-friendly. Thanks to stairlifts – it offers the convenience of mobility and ensures the safety of the senior users.

Offer Safety

One of the major benefits of adding a stairlift to your home is it’s the safest option to use the stairs. By using a motorised chair, you can easily move from floor to floor without the risk of any injury. Missing one step can cause serious injuries that need to be eliminated. Remember not to use the stairlift for exercising because it can be dangerous. Instead, go to local gyms that cater for seniors and offer safe exercising options.

Easy to Operate

Any user can easily use the stairlift. Simply sit in the chair, secure your seatbelt, hold down the rocker switch located on the armrest, and you can move up and down the stairs. To stop the stairlift, simply release the switch. The stairlift comes with a remote so it can be controlled by more than one user.

Restore Independence

Stairs can take away the freedom of seniors who want to use either the basement or the top floors. You may need the help of your family members to assist you in walking up/down the stairs. With stairlifts, you can enjoy the freedom of accessing the basement or upper levels of your home without the need for any help.

Enjoy a Comfortable Ride

Stairlifts are built with an ergonomic design that ensures the comfort and safety of the user. You’ll find Bruno elite stairlifts that are built with extra padded cushions, have proper armrests and a back seat so you feel comfortable while you use the stairlift.

Affordable Option

The stairlift is the most affordable option and the quickest solution. Stairlift suppliers in Milton Keynes offer the best stairlifts that are affordable and fit your requirements. Once you’ve purchased the stairlift, it takes a few days or weeks to install depending on the type of staircase that is located in your home.

For curved staircases, you’ll have to install a curved stairlift that is custom-designed to fit the specs of the staircase. There are stairlift suppliers that also offer financing options for those who aren’t able to pay the upfront cost.

By adding a stairlift to your home, you’ll be able to meet the needs of senior users and cut down the expenses of switching to retirement homes or moving to a new place.

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