Cannabis Concentrates 101: All about Live Resin!

If you are an experienced cannabis user, you have probably heard some great things about concentrates. True to the name, cannabis concentrates have concentrated amounts of cannabinoids, especially THC, which promises a ‘high’ and experience like no other. Concentrates are expensive for a reason – you don’t need a lot to enjoy! However, many users also complain that cannabis concentrates, such as budder or shatter, don’t offer the same experience as dry flowers, especially with regards to flavor and aroma. A great solution to that is live resin, which is also a type of cannabis concentrate. Here’s all you need to know!

Knowing live resin

Counted among the premium and expensive cannabis concentrates, live resin is made with a unique process. It is known that the idea was innovated in Colorado, but currently, it remains one of the favorite concentrates for many seasoned users. So, how is live resin made? It is important to understand that the flavors and aroma of cannabis flower comes from terpenes and flavnoids. To make live resin, fresh cannabis is frozen. The entire process of making the concentrate happens at a subcritical temperature. In other words, cannabis flowers are not cured and dried as it is done normally. Since the flower’s terpenes are preserved, the experience of live resin is better than dried flower but also works as a concentrate.

Why do terpenes matter?

Terpenes give cannabis the unique smell, flavor and aroma. In fact, the smell you get in most essential oils is because of such plant molecules. In case of cannabis, you will find terpenes in the trichomes. Once exposed to environmental factors, terpenes don’t retain the flavor. Since live resin is made at low temperatures, the full profile is retained. Each live resin from a different strain will work like a unique concentrate.

Should you try live resin?

If you are a fan of concentrates but miss the flavor of flowers, you should definitely give live resin a shot. The presence of terpenes makes it more desirable, especially for those who love cannabis for the taste and aroma. There is also some evidence that terpenes may have an influence on other cannabinoids, and may enhance the effects of THC.

Buying live resin

Ensure that you buy live resin from a dispensary you can trust. Ask the budtenders to help you with the strains, or else, you can go by their recommendation – This could be a completely different cannabis experience.

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