LaseMD: An Advanced Laser Treatment for Skin Problems!

Lasers have been extensively used in the field of med spa and cosmetic skin treatments. From using laser to remove hair, to face rejuvenation treatments, there are various uses of lasers. LaseMD is one of the advanced treatments used for varied skin problems. Laser treatments for skin are often suited for selected skin tones, which is not the case with LaseMD. This is more like doing a laser facial, and it is one of the best in-clinic options for treatment of sunspots.

An overview of LaseMD

Aging is inevitable, but with advanced skincare treatments, you can definitely delay the signs. LaseMD works on the skin by ensuring better absorption. The treatment enhances the natural production of collagen, as well as, elastin, ensuring that your skin heals, rejuvenates and repairs at the cellular level. LaseMD is also considered to be better than some of the ablative laser treatments, which are used for specific skin problems. In case of ablative laser skin treatments, the focus is on removing the outer layer of the skin, these treatments are not suited for a lot of enthusiastic clients. LaseMD doesn’t work like that. Your skin will look and feel better with LaseMD, because it doesn’t cause the damage as with ablative laser.

Benefits at a glance

With LaseMD, there is practically no downtime with the procedure. You don’t have to hide your skin from sunlight, and there is no recovery time required. LaseMD is practically painless, and can be used for other conditions beyond treatment of sun spots. It is particularly effective in treatment of fine lines, age spots, and dull skin. Note that LaseMD can treat large surface areas in a little time, which means you don’t spend a fortune on multiple sessions. Doctors and skin experts may recommend using LaseMD with other treatments, including topical products, to enhance the benefits.

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the condition of your skin, but many clients don’t need more than one session of LaseMD. If you are trying to reduce signs of excessive aging, you may need more frequent sessions. The skincare clinic you choose will help in customizing the treatment for your needs. This is also a fast procedure, so you will not spend a lot of time in the clinic. The only downside is a bit of redness, which is common to all laser treatments, but should subside in a few days.

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