How To Get Your Child To Brush Regularly?

Imparting lessons on oral hygiene to your child may not be as easy as you think. Because of their age, kids do not consider oral health on priority, and they may ignore some of the basic instructions, unless parents are strict with it. Of course, you cannot force your child to do something every day, so it has to be fun and playful. From brushing teeth twice a day, to using a mouth wash, they must know the right habits, and in this post, we have a few tips on how you can teach the same easily.

Take the child to a pediatric dentist

If you are unsure of how to approach the topic of dental health, consider visiting a pediatric dentist. The dentist, with all his training and experience, will be able to explain the need for dental care, with tips on how to brush properly, which foods to avoid and so on. Your pediatric dentist will set the tone right, which can be followed at home.

Let them do it

Children are more likely to like brushing and oral hygiene steps, if they do it on their own. Kids do have a tendency to swallow the toothpaste, so ensure that they are using a natural brand that doesn’t contain any fluoride. Until the age of 1, your child doesn’t need anything but plain water. Once your child has reached the age of three, let them choose their own toothbrush and the color they like.

Do it together

Brushing is more fun for kids when parents are showing them the way. Make it a point to brush along with your child at least once a day, or few times each week. Also, watch shows and ads that focus on the importance of brushing. The idea is to encourage the child to have a routine, and for that, you can choose to have a reward. For instance, every time your child agrees to brush, give them a peck on the cheek, or allow five minutes of more game time – whatever works.

Final words

Lastly, show them how it’s done. Kids learn most of their habits from parents, and it is absolutely important to demonstrate the good habits. It will also develop a sense of curiosity, because your child may have questions related to the brush or toothpaste you are using. Not to forget, schedule regular appointments with your pediatric dentist, so ensure that enough preventive care is being taken from an early age.

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