Here’s Why More People Need To Consider Organ Donation

According to data from, around 114,000 patients in the US are waiting for an organ transplant. Unfortunately, a consider part of the population is unaware of organ donation, or how they can save lives by becoming an organ donor after death. Some of the most needed organs include kidneys and liver. In this post, we are discussing more on why more people need to consider organ donation.

Because the numbers are staggering

Are you aware that around 20 people die in the United States every day, because they couldn’t get an organ transplant in time? If you think of the figure in years, the number is just astonishing, and yet, not many people sign up to be an organ donor. A deceased donor can save as many eight lives, or even more. Most organs can be donated after death, including kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, and tissues. Skin, veins, and corneas are common tissues that are donated, while tendons and bones can be transplanted to needy patients too. While kidneys and liver remain the most-in-demand organs, corneal implants top the list of transplanted tissues.

Becoming a donor

You can choose to be a deceased or living donor. Donating certain organs doesn’t impact the donor’s quality of life, subject to medical history and other factors. A healthy individual with no history of specific illness or disease can choose to donate a part of his/her liver, one kidney, bone marrow, or even intestine. While many people choose to become a live donor for someone they know, it’s not always the case. Note that you cannot ask or expect any money for donating an organ in the US, and it is illegal.

Other things to know

Organ donation is a relevant subject that concerns the masses, and each one of us can choose to save lives, by agreeing to donate organs after death. To donate your organs and tissues, sign up using the National Registry, or check for State Registry. Also, you can choose to help many local & state charitable organizations that are working around the clock to make transplants happen and to encourage people to become donors. You can give them a monetary donation, which may be tax deductible.

However, organ donation is a cause that goes beyond your personal benefits. It is about saving lives, and there is no better way to leave the world, knowing that many lives were saved because you took that one simple step.

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