Honey is a Natural Ingredient That Works as a Good Substitute for Sugar

Many health-conscious people drink warm water in the morning with a spoon of honey that helps in reducing fat. Honey was always considered to have medicinal benefits. Since ancient times, it’s been used to treat wounds, burns, and to provide sweetness to bitter herbs. It is obtained from flower. Bees collect nectar from flowers that they store in their hive, which is then scrapped out by farmers and sold to processing companies. The aroma and taste of honey changes depending upon the flower bees pick.

Nowadays, people are using natural remedies and organic food to ensure that they have a healthy life for a longer time. However, it is difficult to determine if the bottle of honey that you purchased is pure or contains added sugar. If you stay in Canada, then you can surely try honey-based products from Délices Erable & Cie. They have been in this business since 1999. Earlier it was just maple syrup that was produced. However, with time they focussed on cranberry and honey as well.

As we were discussing above, honey has many health benefits –

  • Honey contains no fat, protein or fibre and contains 1% of certain vitamins and minerals.
  • Lighter shaded honey has less antioxidant compared to darker shade of honey. These antioxidants help in reducing heart diseases, strokes, cancer and heart attack.
  • We all know that refined sugar is bad for health that increases glucose level resulting in diabetes. However, honey reduces triglycerides and bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol which helps in controlling heart problems and diabetes.

  • It also aids in reducing blood pressure due to antioxidants present in it.
  • Honey works fantastically on wounds, cuts, burns and ulcers. It helps a lot in diabetic foot ulcer.
  • It is an effective medicine for kids suffering from cold and cough. One teaspoon of honey with some juice extracted from ginger is the best medicine to treat throat problems.
  • Honey is also utilized as face mask as it helps in brightening skin and providing a soothing effect.

Honey might taste slightly different from sugar. Initially you might have some problem is getting acquainted with the taste. However, with time it suits your taste bud. Not only on desserts or pancakes, but also in tea, milk, cereals, wherever possible try using only honey. However, you also need to ensure that the intake is not much in a day, especially diabetic patients should control their intake of honey per day.

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