Why Are Nicotine Salt Ejuice Becoming A Popular Vaping Option?

Vaping has stayed an interesting flavouring and smoking technique making its culture evident around the world. With more number of people experimenting with the art, the consumption rate around the world has gone high. Nicotine Salt eJuice is a variant where the nicotine salt is the key ingredient of the juice making the freebase nicotine in its purest form is used for vape.

The Nicotine Salt eJuice is a much healthier choice when it comes to vaping. It is a recommended device for comfortable, smooth and harsher hit in limited amount.

Harsher hit as compared to other ejuices

Freebase nicotine is mixed with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and mixture of flavours to make for the ultimate finish that pairs well with the vape experience. The mixture has a high pH level which defines the alkalinity of the liquid. Which when taken in the form of vaping is known to create a much harsher hit than usual devices. It is the perfect mix that brings out a healthier solution that gives a hit that is harder and doesn’t choke on the throat.

Smoother hit

With nicotine sale ejuice the density of the liquid is such it doesn’t mark a bad experience. As compared to a general measure of 30g of regular vaping liquid, the nicotine one makes the hit much smoother and light. Instead of feeling harsh or choking on the throat, it is a much lighter, flavourful and enigmatic experience. The result is vaping that brings about a smoother and indulgent experience.

Great for the quitters too

People use a lot of nicotine patches, stick-on, chewing gums and lozenges to control their urge of smoking. While some may work for effective reduction in consumption, others don’t work at all. With the nicotine salt ejuice vaping devices it is easier to quit as the nicotine is present in the liquid itself. With time the people get a control on their urges and start retracting from the vaping device too.

Taste like never before

Nicotine vapers have a strong ability to hold up the flavours as compared to the others. As a result the flavours show up beautifully on these e-cigarettes. Vapers have a whole different experience with subtle flavor settling on the tongue. Makes for a great experience!

E-cigarettes become a lot more enjoyable experience with nicotine making up for a smoother, harsher and healthier hit!

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