What It Takes to Become a Medical Assistant

Medical assisting is an in-demand career. It is an engaging work and comes with good remuneration.  Just like other health care careers, medical assisting is quite rewarding. As medical assistants help the reach of doctors, they are a significant part of the healthcare team at any hospital, surgery center, clinic, or office. If you are looking to get a medical assistant certification az, you will want to know first what it takes to become a medical assistant.

Keep reading to know the answers:


Medical assistants deal with different kinds of patients every shift. They can only successfully go through all this if they have inherent compassion for patients and other people who need their service. Compassion is something they cannot learn from school. It has to be naturally part of the way they think and respond.

Great Communication Skills

These skills are important as medical assistants have to interact with patients, families, and other healthcare providers on a regular basis. Being able to communicate clearly with these people is important for the successful treatment and recovery of patients. Although they can cultivate these skills through their coursework, medical assisting students need to have the willingness to further develop their communication abilities.

Ability to Multi-Task

Medical assistants are expected to respond to a fast-paced complex workplace. They are likely to see a lot of patients, assist many care providers, and engage in a huge variety of tasks such as clerical, administrative, direct care-related and indirect care-related tasks.

Ability to Offer Excellent Service

A medical assistant’s ability to offer exceptional care service is necessary to give every patient the best experience possible. They need to make sure that patients feel comfortable, welcomed, and encouraged in terms of improving their health. Also, they must provide the families of patients and other members of the healthcare team the support they need for an effective patient care.


Medical assisting schools prepare students with the highest level of thoroughness and integrity. Instructors have the desire to help their students succeed in both the classroom and in life. Formal training through accredited programs can take months or a few years. In fact, a medical assistant certification can be obtained in as little as 9-12 months or an associate’s degree in 18-24 months. Usually, such programs include classroom and laboratory training as well as an externship assignment.  After students complete their studies, they need to pass the certification examination.

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