Planning for an Indoor Rock Climbing? Here is a Guide for You!

Indoor climbing is one of the most adventurous activity today. It is also going to be part of the Olympics in 2020, just because of its craze among people. Though one might prefer a real rock, climbing gyms are a magical place. If you do not get complete enjoyment, then here are some must-know tips for you.

Different types of indoor rock-climbing styles

There are 3 types of indoor rock climbing namely –

  • Top rope climbing – In this form, the climber is secured by a rope which is looped through an anchor system at the top and also assisted by another person (the belayer), who helps the climber to climb.
  • Bouldering – Unlike top-rope climbing style, bouldering is a free reign wall where neither a harness nor a rope is used to climb. Boulders are generally placed close to the ground. They help you practice your grip and ability to shift places. To save you from injuries there are thick mats placed on the floor. It is a great way to build skill and strength as well as test the strength of your upper body.
  • Lead climbing – You can go for this form of climbing once you become comfortable with indoor rock climbing. This style of rock climbing attaches you to the bolts within the route, hence as you scale the way, you attach yourself to the face of the route through a simple clip-on.

Lead climbing styles need a lot of sincere practice in the hand technique, to quickly draw the rope for clipping as well as know about correct rope positioning.

Locations for rock climbing

There are lots of locations for rock climbing, but every location can’t suit you. If you are in search for rock climbing Montreal location, come visit us. Minutes away from Laval, we provide you with the location of your desire.

Safety and Gears

Safety is in our hand. You cannot guarantee your life on a few harnesses. The first thing to check for in any climbing gym is gears. You should also cross-check the following piece of equipment –

  • The climbing harnesses
  • Quality of the locking carabiners
  • Grip and the outer sole of the shoe

A Few Dos

  1. Support other climbers
  2. Do what you are not able to do
  3. Get socialized, make friends!
  4. If you have kids, bring them to the gym
  5. Enjoy the moment

A Few Don’ts

  1. Don’t offer free advice to others, especially when they are climbing
  2. Do not decide on a particular location
  3. Never get in the way of other climbers
  4. Do not let your kids make the gym a playground

Never embarrass yourself by doing any of the following –

  • Unnecessary screaming or grunting while climbing
  • Bouldering with a harness
  • Proper attire for climbing – wear what you are comfortable and not what looks good.
  • Be aware of chalk snafus while moving around.

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