Tipping Guidelines When You Visit A Spa

Spa treatment relieves stress and pain. Needless to say, a great spa experience means a great massage session provided by the masseur. You enjoyed your spa treatment, so are you not supposed to tip the therapist? Tipping depends on a specific spa situation. Tipping means showing gratuity, let’s check what the tipping guidelines for a spa are.

General tipping

Most of the day spa, it is perfectly fine if you are tipping 15-20 percent of the total bill value. Hence, if you have selected $100 for massage, the tip should be $15 if you have experienced an average service and $20 if you have had a great experience. Most of the day-spa establishments in Canada add a service charge in their bill. Therefore, you can either offer the tip to the therapist directly in the form of cash.

The gratitude will always be appreciated. The next time if you are paying a visit to the spa, the masseur will give you the best service. In Canada, most centers leave envelop which encourages you to leave a tip. Storm Spa is known for its outstanding service and is well known in the area. They are one of the day spas which do not charge any extra service fees.

Customers are overjoyed with their services and leave tip as a token of gratitude. You can check the variety of services offered on the link stromspa.com/.

Tipping on coupon and package deals

Most of the people in Canada go for a specific spa center. This is because spa treatment is a combination of great service and products. A good spa means trained and experienced professionals. Hence, most of the time people go for package deals or discount coupons.

If you are getting the service at a bargain service, for example, $50 for a day at the spa, you must tip on the total value of the service. Gratuity in this area is based on actual retail and the total bill value. You must not tip at the reduced rate percentage.

Tipping at hotel or resort spas

Most of the resort spas are destination travel where you plan to spend a night with your loved one. Adding a spa tip is just like the service fee. In the case of resort spas, you must tip at 18-20 percent for the body massage or any extra services if you are taking. You can also provide additional money to the therapist if the person provides exceptional service.

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