What Are The Various Signs Of Low Testosterone And How To Treat The Condition?

Testosterone, the male sex hormone does have many works to do especially with your sex life and hence its changing levels in us have a strong impact upon our physical and mental wellbeing. This sex hormone is being formed in the testicles and its effects will start to appear in males during the time of puberty itself. The very same hormone is the reason behind the deeper voice, increased muscle strength, and the growth of the body as well as facial hair. Let us focus on the various signs of low testosterone as to treat the condition its diagnosis is very important and for that one must be aware of the signs or symptoms.

You To Feel So?

Symptoms of low testosterone level are many and even if you have some of the following symptoms do confirm once with your doctor and if your findings are right then don’t wait much and just go for necessary treatments. Here are some signs of low testosterone one might feel with a low testosterone level.

  • Fatigue
  • Frustration and depression
  • Less interest in sex
  • Poor bedroom performance
  • Weight gain
  • Hair Loss
  • Weak body muscles
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Brain fog or less concentration.

Factors Behind The Changing Levels

Every man will have to get acquainted with the above-said condition today or tomorrow. The testosterone level will shoot down along with your age. The testosterone level could decline to 1% with your reaching your 30th birthday and then onwards this phenomenon will keep on continuing and hence there is a chance for your testosterone level to vanish out about 1% every passing year. Besides this aging, there are certain other factors too that affect testosterone.

Damaged testicles, chemotherapy, infections, AIDS, HIV, obesity, consumption of drugs and alcohol, etc could also be the cause behind this condition. However, none have to get panicked as today there are many effective treatments for this and hence it is possible to get the life you wanted.

Time To Cure…

Once you have noticed some of the signs of low testosterone in you, then do consult your doctor and if needed go for TT or Testosterone Therapy. However, before starting the therapy make sure that proper tests have to be done and confirming the total testosterone level in you is included in the list. The doctor will check for your testosterone level if you have diabetics, a history of infertility, pituitary gland disorders, and so on. So, stop getting worried about your sex life and if the low testosterone is the villain then be smart enough to get the right treatment.

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