Why Wax Strips are Far Better than Razors

Body hair removal is a routine task for most women. But the debate often boils down to whether waxing or shaving is the right choice. We often pick a razor since it is quick and convenient. But wax strips have tons of benefits over shaving. It can last up to 28 days leaving behind a supple skin. Best wax strips are skin-healthy too since they are a one-time use solution.

After using razors for long, you could be hesitant to switch to waxing. Further, ones who are just starting off might still be confused about which method to pick. Users also need to keep skin sensitivity, time effectiveness and safety in mind. So if you are ditching the salon appointment and taking the DIY route, look at how waxing has an edge over shaving.

No Risks of Cuts

Shaving is linked to the risk of nicks and scrapes. This is especially possible when you are using it on dry skin or not following the direction of hair growth. On the other hand, ready-to-use cold wax strips come with minimal discomforts. There are no chances of wounds plus the best wax strips for underarms do not burn or damage the skin.

Extremely Effective

Razors tend to remove hair at the skin level. Therefore, you start to notice re-growth within 1 week to 10 days. But the closer you can reach the root, longer the clean skin lasts. And waxing does exactly the same. So the hair starts appearing after a considerably long time, that is, at least 2-3 weeks, if not more. In fact, pulling off the best wax strips for legs can remove dead skin cells offering a smooth texture.

Smoother Finish

The best wax strips for under arms, legs and hands tend to offer a smooth end-result.  This might not be possible with razors. We often feel prickly stubble which does not offer the desired result. You might have to spend extra time and efforts working on them which is not quite feasible.

Host of Variety

The best wax strip is usually available according to multiple skin types. For example, shea butter and berry variant for normal skin, aloe vera and lotus variant for dry skin and almond oil and Vitamin E for sensitive skin. This makes it a safe, comfortable and effortless experience without any possibilities of side effects. However, razors tend to have a ‘one size fit all’ deal and might cause razor burns and breakouts. This is because you tend to scrape off natural oils and leading to a damaged skin.

Thin Hair Growth

Along with long turnaround time, hair begins to grow back thinner and softer. In fact, the color might also tune a few shades lighter after pulling off hair with wax strips. However, when you use a razor, only the upper portion of the hair, which is the thicker part of the follicle, is slashed off. This leads to thicker growth next time onwards.

Given these points, wax strips are a clear winner. It is cost effective, long-lasting and a hygienic option too. So, the next time you wish to get rid of the fuzz, give wax strips a try.

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